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4 Unmissable Scenes at Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition - Year of the Buffalo 2021

Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition 2021 is the 18th Flower Street to be realized during the traditional Tet holiday in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, since the first time in 2004. The project is directed by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, with implementation by the Saigontourist Holding Company (Saigontourist Group) in coordination with the city departments and the companionship of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (Tet) will be open to serve the needs of spring travelling and sightseeing of the city’s inhabitants and visitors from 7:00 pm on February 9 to 9:00 pm on February 15, 2021 (or from December 28 to January 4 according to the lunar calendar).
Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition 2021 is divided into 2 chapters, including “The path of converging identity” and “The way towards the future,” with 13 different large and small scenes. Here are 4 unique scenes that create a distinctive highlight for this year’s Boulevard Floral Exhibition.

The first is the mascot of the year of Tan Suu - Buffalo which is dearly called “friend of the farmer” in the folk stories. The buffalo mascot is both an inspiration in folk songs, chants… and is an animal that lives close to human beings and nature. Images of a herd of buffaloes carrying the plough on their backs, being completely fixated on tilling, or glossy black buffaloes, covered in mud, with a gentle face, wandering on immense fields to bring back lucrative harvests; the rice field is fertile, showing fullness, prosperity and equanimity. Instead of creating a personified buffalo as the mascots of previous years, this year’s buffalo mascot is conceived in a new design language that is more about shape and architecture.
The image of buffalo heard in chapter II symbolizes steady development, respect for the spiritual values ​​and maintaining the good qualities of the nation. Designing 26 diverse buffalo mascots from the calfs to the strong, friendly buffalo herds styled with traditional materials close to nature that are environmentally friendly like lotus leaves – the mascot gate for the Boulevard Floral Exhibition, made from bamboo and rattan – Great landscape of Vietnamese Children’s Song Painting made from melaleuca bark – mascot in hi-tech agricultural zone.

Also in chapter II, the small scene of buffalo roudup season, a cultural feature of the Mekong Delta, creates a scene featuring a bridge and cool, harmonious water, both bearing modern colors, while preserving familiar traditions of the village. Stretching over an area of ​​415 m2, highlighted by the image of buffalo boys riding on the backs of buffaloes across the river, the landscape is depicted honestly, vividly reproducing the relationship between the farmers and the faithful animals that accompany them all year round in the field. Throughout the 720 m of Boulevard Floral Exhibition, the buffalo mascot almost always appears in pairs, in herds, and especially in segments describing the companionship between humans and buffaloes, concealing a warm, intimate feeling that shines through each gesture.
Next, the “Smart City” great scene at the end of Boulevard Floral Exhibition is like an open gate to the future with the artful expression of the rice flower. The rice flowers are shaped by metal frames, brightly sprayed in light colors along the trunk, which will sparkle attractively at night. The dynamism, creativity and remarkable development of Ho Chi Minh City is portrayed through the image of eco-friendly housing blocks that are associated with the symbols of 4.0 technology, creating the image of a city worth living in.
The multicolored painting of Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition 2021 is also adorned with flower arrangements by representatives from 10 countries with consulates in Ho Chi Minh City. Flower arrangement artworks will create a fresh charm in harmony with 130 types of flowers, plants and rustic materials such as bamboo, rattan, lotus leaves, and melaleuca bark in addition to hard metal material. This combination creates both large and small scenes that meld together, radiating a blooming fragrance, promising to bring new experiences to city residents and friends as well as domestic and foreign tourists, whether they are enjoying the breathtaking experience of the Boulevard Floral Exhibition in real life or online.
Integrating traditional cultural values ​​into the language of modern design, Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition Tet Tan Suu 2021 promises to continue to create a memorable experience space for city residents and visitors during the new days of spring.

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4 Unmissable Scenes at Nguyen Hue Boulevard Floral Exhibition - Year of the Buffalo 2021

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