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Sustainable development strategy

The Spirit of Saigontourist Group
Creativity & Pioneering

Since our establishment, Saigontourist has always demonstrated a tradition of pioneering in building and developing unique products and services, making change to attract and retain customers. We focus on creating added value, specializing each product and service, crafting excitement and positioning our brand to the mindset of customers.

Vietnamese Culture

With the slogan "Saigontourist - Enjoy Vietnamese Values" (Savour Vietnam), Saigontourist Group always filters the most beautiful and attractive values from Vietnamese traditions and cultural identities to put into the products and services that we provide. As a result, visitors are able to experience the "Vietnam Cultural Story," a vivid message of Vietnam's thousand years of culture.


The effective operation of the Group and its subsidiaries has resulted from the close coherence, discipline and the well-maintained relationship between the Group and our stakeholders. Discipline-based behavior, regulation, consensus and sharing are the key factors that lend to Saigontourist's spiritual strength.


Saigontourist's tourism business is not merely for profit, but continues to associate with the responsibility of the stakeholders. Altogether, we develop sustainability for the environment, an eco-friendly world and life's beautiful values as well as fostering the happiness of human beings.

The Heart of Saigontourist Group
Dedication to partners and customers

Saigontourist Group always focuses on the satisfaction of our partners and customers as the main purpose and orientation for all of our products and services. Every one of our employees always respects and places our partners and customers at the center of all behavioral principles, which we practice regularly in order to instill them as career habits.

Dedication to human resources

Human resources are the most valuable asset of the system of Saigontourist Group. Taking care of the physical and mental life of our employees is one of our key tasks. Despite each of our difficult periods, Saigontourist Group has always strained to ensure jobs and income for our workers while making an effort in recruiting, training and optimizing our human resources at the same time.

Dedication to the community

The community and social responsibilities are always placed first by Saigontourist Group through our focus on investing in products and services that honor and do not negatively affect nature, culture, heritage, or our social and moral norms. At the same time, Saigontourist Group always tries our best to contribute to the local economy and people.

Saigontourist Group's Smile
For our customers

Ensure a professional manner; our staff is always professionally trained to serve customers diligently, quickly and effectively. We are always happy, polite, conscientious, and put on our best smiles while serving our customers.

For our colleagues and partners

All of the employees at Saigontourist Group, including the highest levels of management, are required to have a respectful attitude towards our senior colleagues, subordinates and partners.