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Saigontourist Upbeat About Travel Trend in Summer

Saigontourist Group has rolled out various travel packages  and promotions for summer 2023 since the beginning of February. Still, it was not until  early May, when the 2022 – 2023 school year ended, the company recorded a sudden surge in new tour bookings and saw a clear travel trend for this summer among customers.

Notably, 85% of their customers opted for family trips. Over a third of those people chose tours for three generations in their families: grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Nguyen Thanh Luu, the deputy CEO of the company, said: “Summer tours are not just for travelling, but for fostering family bonds and offering a respite from busy days of working and studying. Saigontourist always places these values at the core of their tour services.”
To cater to the preferences of every family member, Saigontourist designs tours to various destinations with historical and cultural stories, along with modern entertainment and recreational areas. As the budget for a family trip is significantly higher than that for solo traveling, the tour price is always a concern for customers. Therefore, Saigontourist has actively negotiated with service providers to ensure high quality tour experiences and offer summer tours early at reasonable prices.

Domestic tours will continue to be the top choice for travelers thanks to their simple booking procedures, reasonable tour prices, and an array  of benefits, including diverse destinations, top-notch services, and enriching experiences. Saigontourist offers a wide range of tours this summer, from those to the Central Highlands and the Northwest provinces to beach and island tours in the Central region and Phu Quoc. The company has also improved its hotel, resort booking, and flight ticket services to satisfy each customer’s needs.

Moreover, many foreign visitors choose extended trips with their families this summer. Over 2000 tourists from countries  such as the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and the  Philippines will travel to Vietnam during the summer via direct flights. They opt for comprehensive itineraries spanning eight to 12 days to explore the country’s history and culture and experience local people’s unique delicacies and lifestyles across all three regions.
International tours lasting five to 12 days will likely be a viable choice for summer season. They provide an opportunity for families, especially  young members , to experience diverse cultures worldwide or enhance their language skills and confidence. Saigontourist is well-prepared to serve customers with professional services in every international tours, from those to popular destinations in Asia like Bali, Maldives, and Hawaii, to far-flung trips to the Americas, Canada, South America, and Europe. Moreover, various exciting activities such as sightseeing, skiing, helicopter flights, Mediterranean cruises, and luxurious yacht journeys will blow every customer’s mind. Early birds of those who buy tours for groups of people will receive huge discounts.

MICE tourism in peak season
MICE tourism is expected to surge in demand during the summer seasons as this is an ideal time for businesses to organize trips to foster team spirit, build corporate culture, or reward employees, partners, and customers.

The year 2023 marks a remarkable improvement in Vietnam’s MICE toursim, with convenient transportation, adequate infrastructure, the ability to serve large  groups, and beautiful beaches for team-building activities like Phan Thiet, Cam Ranh, and Nha Trang. Danang is an ideal destination for this summer as visitors join the Danang International Fireworks Festival from June 3 to July 8, 2023. In the summer of 2023, Saigontourist Travel Service Company expected to serve over 40 domestic MICE groups with more than 30000 participants, with a group of 1,400 visiting Danang, another of 1,200 visiting Phan Thiet, 8000 customers visiting the Central region, and 10000 people visiting the Northern region.

Many international travelers consider Vietnam a destination for various attractive activities. For example, over 100 tourists joined the Amazing Race, and another 200 participants went sightseeing and enjoyed gala dinner events organized by Saigontourist.

The MICE segment for international travel also witnessed a shift in destination preferences. While most customers chose Southeast Asian countries in the summer of last year due to limited flight options after the pandemic, they are now prioritizing destinations in Northeast Asia (South Korea and Japan), Europe, the U.S. and Australia. Customer also emphasize tour quality, the ability to handle large groups ranging from hundreds of to thousands of participants, and other services, including gala dinners and team-building activities for employees, customers, and partners. This is why Saigontourist Travel Service Company was considered a reputable MICE travel brand.

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