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SAIGONTOURIST GROUP held the Closing Ceremony of Hungarian Kitchen thematic classes

After 4 days of short training, Saigontourist Group and the Hungarian Consulate General solemnly held the closing ceremony of Hungarian cooking classes at the Saigontourist Tourism and Hospitality School on the evening of November 24, 2022. This is a highlight activity program in the series of events of Hungarian Food Festival - Hungarian Food and Culture Week in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022 co-organized by both parties.

The Hungarian kitchen seminars were honored to be introduced and taught by Mr. Béla Prohászka - Senior Specialist Chef, Vice President of Hungarian National Values Association and Hungarian Specialties - directly introduced and taught how to prepare dishes. The most famous and typical Hungarian chefs come from 48 chefs at two levels, expert chefs and young chefs from the service facilities of Saigontourist Group and a member of the Saigontourist Group F&B Club.

After a coordinated effort to organize, the Hungarian kitchen seminars took place successfully, meeting the professional needs and bringing the chefs of Saigontourist Group with new experiences and professional knowledge and skills. extremely helpful. Through 04 days of the training course, the trainees were shared and guided to make 16 most typical Hungarian dishes, were really conquered and attracted by Hungarian dishes extremely unique in taste. , delicate in color and eye-catching in presentation.

“Hungarian kitchen seminars have been cherished by us since two years ago, but we have not found a reliable partner in Vietnam until connecting with Saigontourist Group. The program has been successfully implemented, through which we highly appreciate the organizational capacity of Saigontourist Group”, Ms. Szilvia Szojka - Consul General of Hungary - said at the Closing Ceremony.

“I am very happy that my dream of introducing the quintessence of Hungarian cuisine to the world has been successfully fulfilled beyond all expectations through this Hungarian kitchen training course. The chefs of Saigontourist Group have made great efforts, a high spirit of learning, and even asked many questions

interesting for me during the interaction in the classroom. Now, I'm proud to say that the Hungarian dishes prepared by the students here as accepted products have reached a high level of skill, which can be served at major restaurants right here in Hungary." Mr. Béla Prohászka - the principal curator of Hungarian kitchen seminars - evaluation.

In response, Mr. Vo Anh Tai, Deputy General Director of Saigontourist Group, and head of the organizing committee of Saigontourist Group-Hungarian Food Festival, said: “Saigontourist Group is very honored to accompany the Hungarian Consulate General to coordinate the organization. organize a meaningful and practical program of activities. Not only in the field of cuisine, the Hungarian cooking classes this time also bring opportunities for cultural exchange and friendship between the two nations.

At the end of the ceremony, the organizers awarded certificates to 48 students, who are expert chefs and young chefs of the Saigontourist Group system who have completed the course. In particular, the dishes taught in this Hungarian kitchen training course will also be elaborately prepared to entertain guests in the Gala Dinner of the Hungarian Food Festival at Continental Saigon Hotel on January 1. The upcoming December 2022, the event is also co-organized by Saigontourist Group and the Hungarian Consulate General.

Saigontourist Group is a leading travel group in Vietnam, established on August 1, 1975, currently managing more than 100 units of hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour operators, amusement parks, tourism training school, exhibition area, conference, conference, golf course, cable TV..

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