Hotels and restaurants belonging to Saigontourist Group simultaneously launched many unique culinary and entertainment programs with countless attractive incentives for female customers on the occasion of March 8 this year.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Rex Hotel Saigon offers female customers a dessert cake when they come to dine at the hotel's ground floor and 5th floor restaurants, applicable from 6PM until 10PM on March 8. In March, the hotel also serves a delicious dish of the month with avocado crab meat salad, a great suggestion for diners to treat themselves or give to their loved ones on International Women's Day.

On this occasion, those who love the taste of European cuisine can visit Grand Hotel Saigon, where a high-class European menu is served at the Rooftop Grand Lounge (20th floor) from 11AM to 10PM on March 8. With a combo that costs 1,200,000 VND/pax, the hotel offers 1 extra glass of wine, 10% discount for guests who pay for services before March 7 and 10% discount for staying guests. If you buy a combo package of 1,800,000 VND, guests will also get 1 voucher to use the relaxing massage shampoo service at Tommy Hair Salon or 1 voucher to use the foot massage service at Le Grand Spa.

In the special culinary program on March 8, Majestic Saigon Hotel offers F&B services at two areas. Catinat restaurant has a combo package of 200,000 VND, including 1 dish, 1 drink and ice cream with the serving time set from 6AM - 10PM. In the time frame from 6PM to 10PM, Sky Bar introduces BBQ seafood buffet and accompanying drinks with ticket that costs 1,200,000 VND. Especially, female guests will get a 30% discount and pay only 840,000 VND. In addition to this offer, each female client when using food service at the hotel on March 8 will also receive 1 rose and 1 chocolate, serving time from 6AM - 11PM.

On International Women's Day, New World Saigon Hotel offers attractive and sweet programs for guests and their other half with a seafood buffet on the evening of March 8, Wine Not Night in the vibrant Spain style, 25% off during pastry week and romantic staycation packages. Notably, the seafood buffet on the evening of March 8 took place at Parkview Café restaurant costs from 1,188,000 VND including a sweet cocktail for each woman customer. If you miss the occasion of March 8, guests can still visit Whisper Bar & Lounge every Friday to raise a glass with a Wine Not Night party stirred by a lively live band.

Inspired by International Women's Day, the chef of Caravelle Saigon Hotel has created 5 dishes on a special menu for female diners, priced from VND 1,590,000, starting from March 7 at Reflections restaurant, where guests embrace the beautiful view of the Opera house, and the city lights up at night. The hotel also has a “Girls Night” program at Saigon Rooftop Bar, where guests have the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere, DJ and live music performances as well as great mixes from the bartenders, with Happy golden hour from 17:00 to 19:00 that offers 50% discount for drinks.

With the theme "Sending love", the March 8 culinary program will be served by Continental Saigon Hotel in the garden area with a la carte menu from 429,000 VND/pax and at Le Bourgeois restaurant with special a la carte menu from 999,000 VND/pax. On this occasion, the hotel offers 1 rose and 30% discount on the European menu set for female guests.

From 7 AM to 10 PM on March 8, Royal Hotel introduces two menus of International Women's cuisine with prices from 590,000 VND/person and a free glass of strawberry yogurt for each guest. From 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM on March 8, Oscar Saigon Hotel offers two lunch vouchers for groups of more than 10 guests when they come to have lunch buffet (ticket price 200,000 VND/pax) at Starlight restaurant. On this occasion, Saigon Hotel offers female customers staying at the hotel a cash voucher worth 100,000 VND to use the bedroom and dining services at TC41.

On March 8, at Ganh Bong Sen and Palace Buffet restaurants, diners will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes with more than 60 unique dishes. Female guests will also receive 1 drink as a gift. Lunch buffet costs 259,000 VND/pax and dinner buffet costs 379,000 VND/pax. If you choose to enjoy typical dishes served in volcanic rocks at Calibre restaurant, diners have the opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors of food in a luxurious and cozy space while admiring Nguyen Hue walking street right in the heart of the city. Especially on March 8, each female client will be given 1 cup of passion fruit mojito to help harmonize the taste.

In the area of District 5, Dong Khanh hotel serves the March 8 buffet program from 6 PM to 9 PM at Phu Quy lobby (4th floor), with the ticket price of only 299,000 VND/adult and 199,000 VND/child. For guests who buy 10 tickets, the 11th ticket will be free. In addition, female guests with birthday on March 8 will enjoy a 10% more off. Guests staying at the hotel will get the same discount of 10%. Arc-En-Ciel Hotel will bring diners a buffet to celebrate International Women's Day priced at 299,000 VND for adults and 199,000 VND for children.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of March 8, Binh Quoi Tourist Village re-launches the Southern culinary buffet program that takes place at Binh Quoi Tourist Area 1 every Saturday and Sunday evening, starting from March 5. The buffet is elaborately prepared with a menu of more than 70 delicious dishes selected from the southern rivers and regions with bold hometown flavors such as grilled snakehead fish, grilled beef with guise leaves, Binh Quoi grilled chicken, Bun Mam Soc Trang and grilled calves. Coming to the program that has long been a culinary brand of Binh Quoi, diners and their families also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the boldly decorated Southern space and entertainment activities such as lottery games, funny folk games, enjoy the sweet and deep melodies of Amateur music. In particular, with the Southern cuisine buffet program taking place on March 8, Binh Quoi Tourist Village immediately offers 10% discount for diners wearing Ao Dai, Ba Ba shirt and 10% discount for customers who booked before March 8. Buffet ticket price is 320,000 VND/adult and 190,000 VND/child.

From March 4-8, another member of Binh Quoi Tourist Village, Tan Cang Tourist Area, introduced a seafood combo package and a BBQ combo with the price from only 449,000 VND/person that go along with a complimentary appetizer for guests who book parties and surprise gifts for female guests with birthdays on March 8. On this occasion, Sai Gon restaurant ship launches a la carte menu (set menu) for 2 guests or more, priced from 450,000 VND/pax (including 1 drink unit), experience a romantic and airy space on the journey to discover Saigon shimmering at night seen from both sides of the river.

In the central region, Saigon - Ninh Chu resort (Ninh Thuan) applies a 5% discount on room rates (promotional price only 699,000 VND/guest/night) for female customers with birthdays on the March 8 when booking from now until the end of March 8, 2022. Price includes breakfast and 1 lunch or dinner, a la carte menu includes soup, salad, spaghetti, steak... At 11 AM and 6 PM on March 7 and 8, Saigontourane Hotel (Da Nang) will serve Women's International cuisine menu at Le Chalet restaurant for only 199,000 VND/pax, 10% discount for groups of 20 guests and 1 glass of pineapple juice for female guests.

From 18:30 to 21:00 on March 8, Saigon - Morin Hotel (Hue) introduces a buffet dinner program with more than 40 attractive dishes at Le Rendezvous garden restaurant, serving music, love songs. Moreover, lucky visitors will be randomly picked and given attractive gifts that are bedroom vouchers to be used at hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Buffet price is 399,000 VND/adult and 239,000 VND/child, especially 10% discount when customers buy 10 adult tickets or more.

On this occasion, Saigon - Dong Ha Hotel (Quang Tri) offers guests a bottle of champagne for a party of 20 - 49 guests, free balloon decoration for a party of 50 guests. At 19:00 on the evening of March 8, Saigon - Ban Me Hotel (Buon Ma Thuot) serves the program "For the woman I love", a la carte menu priced at 283,000 VND/person, with 1 free Tiramisu cake included for female customers.

As for the Northern region, from now until March 10, Saigon - Ha Long hotel (Quang Ninh) applies a room service with food and drink for only 1,200,000 VND for 2 guests. The package includes 1 breakfast and 1 dinner. During this time, the hotel serves a romantic dinner at Panorama restaurant for guests to enjoy the food while admiring the panoramic view of Ha Long city, priced from only 400,000 VND/person.



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