Saigontourist Group has just set in motion Saigontourist Group F&B Club, adding an address that contributes to creating a new momentum for the F&B business, which is considered one of Saigontourist Group system's strengths.
Launching ceremony of Saigontourist Group F&B Club.

During the period when the tourism industry was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a decreasing number of in-house guests, the F&B field became an especially important business sector for Saigontourist Group member units. Being flexible in business through promoting the F&B field is also one Saigontourist Group’s solutions.

“F&B has an extended amplitude, including products, services, people and culinary culture from regional to national, territorial and global dimensions. This is an important link in the diversified business chain of the tourism industry, a special attractive factor, determining the behavior of tourists when choosing travel destinations. We aim to continue promoting the strength of the F&B business, making Saigontourist Group’s F&B products a prominent brand, introducing the attractiveness of Vietnamese cuisine to the world. The formation of the F&B Club also plays a role in creating an environment for exchanges and cohesion among member units in sharing experiences and creating new products to meet the diverse and high demands of domestic and international diners", said Mr. Truong Duc Hung - Deputy General Director in charge of operations and Chairman of Saigontourist Group F&B Club.

Food is one of the strengths of Saigontourist Group. Saigontourist Group has a chef training college.

Saigontourist Group F&B Club gathers general managers, directors, in charge of the F&B division, chefs... representatives of hotels, resorts, restaurants, along with lecturers, culinary experts from the Group’s hospitality college.

The members of the club will contribute to focus on promoting and innovating the F&B business in order to increase the revenue of the F&B section of the affiliated members under the system; building and developing different forms of events, festivals, contests, performances, new food demonstrations, talk shows, professional learning sessions, implementing the "cloud kitchen" model, continuing to promote the form of online food business to meet the diverse needs of customers. The club is also a place to strengthen cooperation, share experiences and support human resources between units in the F&B business activities.

Saigontourist Group is a leading tourism group in Vietnam. Established on August 1, 1975, the Group is currently managing more than 100 hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, amusement parks, Hospitality College, exhibition and conference convention, golf course, cable TV... F&B is one of the five core business sectors and a strength of Saigontourist Group. The group has pioneered in building many culinary products and events that have made the brand name of Saigontourist Group. Over 46 years of operation, Saigontourist Group with a team of F&B managers and professional chefs has always shown its pioneering ability in collecting and creating thousands of attractive Vietnamese dishes and world famous dishes, organizing large-scale F&B and cultural events throughout the country and organizing Vietnamese food festivals in over 50 countries around the world.

Saigontourist Group has organized many culinary and cultural events to promote Vietnam. Illustration before social distancing.

In recent years, in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigontourist Group has launched different program such as bringing delicious specialties from three regions of Vietnam to five-star international hotels (Rex Hotel Saigon, Grand Hotel Saigon, Hotel Majestic Saigon, Caravelle Saigon Hotel, New World Saigon Hotel, etc.), introducing Southern cuisine program (Binh Quoi Tourist Village), Southern Food Festival (Dam Sen Cultural Park), monthly program "Cuisine without borders” (Saigontourist Hotels and Hospitality College)… In addition, some member units of Saigontourist Group are also known as different culinary rendezvous, such as the Continental Hotel Saigon with its French and European culinary highlight, Dong Khanh and Thien Hong hotels with Chinese cuisine strength, De Nhat hotel well-known for its culinary services serving high-achieving national sports teams... Meanwhile, hotels and resorts under Saigontourist Group restaurants in other provinces and cities across the country also deserve to be "food messengers" when pioneering in creating attractive events and delicious dishes.

“F&B is both an economic industry and a culture, but it can also be a synthetic industry. At Saigontourist Group, we always aspire and cherish many ideas with the aim of continuing to bring satisfaction to customers. It is expected that in 2022 and beyond, we will introduce an F&B event at least once a month, with special emphasis on Vietnamese cuisine and culinary culture,” shared Mr. Truong Duc Hung.


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