Saigontourist Group, one of the leading hospitality brands in Vietnam, signed an important agreement with the Quang Tri People’s Committee for a tourism development cooperation in 2023-2025 at the Saigon-Dong Ha Hotel in Dong Ha City on February 24, 2023.
The signing ceremony was attended by leaders from HCMC, Quang Tri Province, relevant departments, associations, tourism businesses in the province, Vietnam Journalists Association, Vietnam Tourist Association, Saigontourist Group, and representatives from central and local media agencies.
“The signing ceremony marks a new milestone in strengthening the cooperation relationship between HCMC and Quang Tri Province in general and between Saigontourist Group and the province in particular. It aims to enhance tourism development cooperation, investment, and training activities and help turn the tourism industry into a key economic sector of the province. Saigontourist Group will reinforce its business activities and strive to tap into the potential for tourism in Quang Tri,” Pham Huy Binh, chairman of the member council of Saigontourist Group, said about the significance of the cooperation agreement between the two parties.
As per the agreement, both parties will collaborate on investment consulting, developing new tourism products and services, and boosting connectivity between Quang Tri and other regions. They will also work together to advertise tourism domestically and internationally and train human resources with the necessary skills for the tourism industry in Quang Tri.
Saigontourist Travel Service Company, an subsidiary of the Saigontourist Group, will join hands with its partners in Quang Tri to offer various tourism products and new tours, as well as plan to establish a branch of the company in the province to attract tourists from other localities and explore the tourism potential, regarding training activities. Saigontourist Group will direct the Saigontourist Hospitality College and its member units to continue supporting and opening training courses in tourism and hospitality for Quang Tri Province.
Hoang Nam, vice chairman of the Quang Tri People’s Committee, said: “The cooperative deal between Quang Tri Province and Saigontourist Group for 2023-2025 plays an essential role in promoting tourist destinations and restoring the tourism industry. It creates an opportunity to research and develop distinctive tourism products, services, and tours and bring information and images of natural resources, historical relics, culture, and the strength of tourism development to other regions and the world. Additionally, this agreement reflects the SaigontouristGroup’s attachment to the socio-economic development of Quang Tri. The local authority will prioritize issuing special policies to create favourable conditions for the Saigontourist Group to invest, research, and build tourism products in the province. Moreover, the province will support the Saigontourist Group in surveying, investing, and developing new tourism products and prioritize using domestic and international tours that Saigontourist Group’s travel companies implement.”
The signing ceremony for the cooperation deal was held at the Saigon-Dong Ha Hotel. With modern architecture and a panoramic view of Dong Da City and the tranquil Hieu River, the four-star hotel has a chain of luxurious, high-class restaurants serving unique Asian and Western delicacies, gym centers, conference rooms and many other amenities.
In addition to guest stays at the Saigon-Dong Ha Hotel, Saigontourist Travel Service Company organizes tours to famous destinations in Quang Tri and other central provinces to serve hundreds of thousands of domestic and international tourists annually. Some favorite destinations consist of Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Hien Luong – Ben Hai historical relic, the 17th  Parallel Demilitarized Zone, La Vang Cathedral, Vine Moc Tunnel, Road No. 9-Khe Sanh, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Truong Son National Cemetery, the Road No.9 National Cemetery, and Con Co Island.
On this occasion, Saigontourist Group and Saigon-Dong Ha Hotel launched a new three-day-two night tour called “Gratitude to the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel – Warming the river of fire – Exploring the Con Co Island.” Once attending this historical and spiritual tour, travellers will have a chance to visit, offer incense, and show their respects to Truong Son, the Road No.9 National Cemetery, and Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, as well as release lanterns onto the Thach Han River, and explore other favorite tourist destinations.
Quang Tri, once called the “land of fire” due to its wartime history, is now emerging as a new tourist destination in the country. It is one of the resting places in the famous tours in the central region, such as the “Heritage Road of Central Vietnam,” “Legendary road”, “Memories of the old battlefield and comrades”, “DMZ Tour”, and the “Meals at the T-junction of the three countries”. The province sets a target of turning tourism into a key economic sector and offers various policies to attract investment for socio-economic development.
Since it was established on August 1, 1975, the Saigontourist Group has become a leading travel group in the country. It currently owns over 100 subsidiaries, ranging from hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel companies, entertainment areas, and tourism vocational training institutions to exhibition and convention centers, golf courses, and cable television companies.

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