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Saigontourist Group offers various delicacies and promotions

The festival will be kicked off at 5:30 p.m. on August 25, welcoming guests from 4p.m to 10p.m. every day from August 25 to 28. 
The festival is aimed at promoting local culinary culture, traditional craft villages and rich Vietnamese folk arts among locals and tourists. The event will also celebrate the 47th anniversary of the Saigontourist Group (August 1, 1975 – August 1, 2022).

“We hope the festival partly helps stimulate consumption in the journey to resume tourism in HCMC and Vietnam in the new normal, especially through cuisine, one of the strengths of the Saigontourist Group,” said Pham Huy Binh, chairman of Saigontourist Group.
At the festival, guests can experience the uniqueness of Vietnamese culture in a typical atmosphere. At the food stalls, special dishes will be prepared by talented chefs from Saigontourist Group’s units nationwide. In addition, there will be many interesting activities, such as art shows, cultural exchanges, folk games, and craft performances, among others.

Honoring delicacies across the country.
Some 30-member units-four-and five-star hotels, resorts and restaurants of the Saigontourist Group from HCMC and other localities will introduce some 300 authentic regional dishes and drinks prepared by experienced chefs along with the quintessence of traditional crafts. In other words, the event is a chance to honor the culinary culture of the three regions of Vietnam.
The culinary space at the festival has three parts, equivalent to the northern, central and southern regions. The stalls will not only introduce local specialties but also exhibit the typical ingredients of each region. Besides, dishes and drinks catering to green and healthy demands will also be offered at the festival.
Particularly, at the northern-style food stalls, diners can try a wide range of authentic delicacies such as bún chả (vermicelli noodles with grilled pork), bún đậu mắm tôm (fermented shrimp paste with fried tofu), chả cốm (rice pork pie), nem cua bể (spring rolls with crab), chicken noodle soup, grilled fish vermicelli noodles, sour meat, white sticky rice, Ha Long squid paste, etc. Local dishes from the northernmost mountainous areas, such as grilled chicken and pork cooked with local leaves and bamboo tubes, will also be available.
The central-style food stalls will offer Thanh Chuong stir-fried shrimp, eel soup, eel sausage, deep-fried fish, oysters, mussel rice, etc. Other delicious dishes from the central region will also be available, such as Cao Lầu and Mì Quảng – two authentic noodle soups from Quang Nam province. Dishes from Phu Yen include specialties made from tuna, while delicacies from Binh Thuan Province include fish vermicelli noodles, fried squid egg rolls, herring spring rolls, squid teeth  with rice paper and duck meat  pancakes. The Central Highlands cuisine is rich and comprises grilled chicken, pork and beef. In addition, the festival will also have a seafood corner and a dessert corner with a wide range of sweet soups and tea.
During the festival, guests can enjoy and buy mooncakes to celebrate the upcoming Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival from the famous member units of the Saigontourist Group such as Dong Khanh Hotel, Rex Hotel Saigon, Majestic Saigon Hotel, Continental Saigon Hotel, Saigon-Morin hotel (Hue), etc.
Traditional cultural activities
The “Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies 2022” festival will highlight the folklore of the three regions with craft villages and countryside markets, folk games and traditional art shows.
Right at the entrance, visitors will witness fan dances, performances of Khmer pentatonic music and the paranung musical performance of the Cham people. A parade will take place every day, with folk songs and music shows highlighting the northern, central and southern regions. Each one has a unique characteristic.
During the festival, famous chefs and culinary experts will interact with the audience by commenting on dishes, organzing cocktails and pool parties, making pho cocktails and introducing molecular cuisine in Vietnamese dishes. Making moon-cakes, bartending, DJ shows and entertainment games for participants will be other highlights.

Promotions and stimulus programs
At some booths, hotels, resorts and restaurants will introduce various kinds of promotion and stimulus programs with many incentives for accommodations, parties, conferences and weddings.
When one buys a ticket priced at VND200,000 to participate in the festival, they will receive coupons to use the products and services. Children under 1.4meters will enter free of charge. The Saigontourist Group will offer a 10% discount to those who buy tickets before 5p.m on August 23, 2022.
Member units in HCMC joining the “Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies 2022” festival include Rex Saigon Hotel, Majestic Saigon Hotel, Grand Saigon Hotel, Continental Saigon Hotel, Kim Do Hotel, De Nhat Hotel, Dong Khanh Hotel, OscarSaigon Hotel, Thien Hong Hotel, Binh Quoi 1 Tourist site, Binh Quoi 2 Tourist Site, Tan Cang Tourist Site, Van Thanh Tourist Site, Saigon Restaurant Cruise, Dam Sen Cultural Park and Saigontourist Hospitality College.
Some member units of Saigontourist Group from other provinces and Cities are Saigon – Phu Quoc Resort, Saigon – Con Dao Resort, Saigon - Vinh Long Hotel, Saigon – Mui Ne Resort, Saigon – Phu Yen Hotel, Saigon – Morin Hue Hotel, Saigon – Tourane Hotel, Saigon – Ban Me Hotel, Saigon – Kim Lien Hotel, Saigon – Quang Binh Hotel, Saigon – Dong Ha Hotel, Saigon – Ha Long Hotel, Saigon – Phu Tho Hotel and Saigon – Ba Be Resort.
Tickets for the event are available at:
Binh Quoi 1 Tourist Area 1: Hotline: 0901 889 701 - Email: binhquoi1@binhquoi.vn;
Binh Quoi 2 Tourist Area 2: Hotline: 0901 889 702 - Email: binhquoi2@binhquoi.vn;
Binh Quoi 2 Tourist Area 3: Hotline: 0901 889 703 - Email: binhquoi3@binhquoi.vn;
Tan Cang Tourist Area: Hotline: 0901 889 704 - Email: tancang@binhquoi.vn;
Van Thanh Tourist Area: Hotline: 0901 889 705 - Email: vanthanh@binhquoi.vn;
Saigon Restaurant Train: Hotline: 0901 889 706 - Email: tausaigon@binhquoi.vn;
Can Gio Tourist Area: Hotline: 0901 889 707 - Email: cangio@binhquoi.vn;
Or contact the central hotline: 0901 889 708, Email: contact@binhquoi.vn

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