“SAIGONTOURIST GROUP CULINARY CULTURE, DELICACIES FESTIVAL 2022” voted as “Asia's Best Culinary Festival 2022”

Welcoming the new year 2023, Saigontourist Group is honored to receive more good news as the "Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies Festival 2022" has just been awarded the "Asia's Best Culinary Festival 2022" prize by the World Culinary Award.

As a parallel event of the World Travel Awards, born in 1994 and likened to the Oscars in the tourism industry, the World Culinary Awards is held annually to honor outstanding names in the global culinary industry. The votes were conducted by leading experts in the culinary industry and the general public, tourists, diners, foodies from all over the world.

“We are honored to receive a prestigious and world-class award in honor of the Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies Festival 2022, organized by Saigontourist Group. We are also very proud to contribute to promoting the attractiveness and uniqueness of Vietnam's rich and diverse cuisine to friends around the world through this award. The award has even more special meaning when at the same time, Vietnam is named and voted by the World Culinary Awards as the Best Culinary Destination in Asia 2022”, said Mr. Pham Huy Binh - Chairman of the Board of Members of Saigontourist Group.

“In the time since before receiving the good news from the World Culinary Awards 2022, Saigontourist Group has carefully prepared the script and plan to continue organizing the Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies Festival 2023 which is scheduled to take place in April 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Promoting the success of the past 2022 version, the 2023 festival will return with a larger and more impressive scale, both in terms of content and form of expression”, added Mr. Pham Huy Binh.

Appreciated by the public and visitors as one of the biggest events that introduces Vietnam regional cuisine of the year, " Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies Festival 2022" held at Van Thanh Tourist Village, Ho Chi Minh City in August 2022 was an opportunity for diners to enjoy more than 300 special dishes of the three regions of North - Central - South. The number of more than 30,000 visitors who came to discover and experience the "Saigontourist Group Culinary Culture, Delicacies Festival 2022" shows the great scale and attraction of the culinary event organized by Saigontourist Group.

Many traditional cultural and artistic activities of Vietnam were introduced at the event

In order to introduce to the public, diners and visitors to the festival, the Organization Board has diligently researched and selected dishes that converge both regional characteristics and "standard" elements of each dish. In particular, the festival also introduces "unique and strange" delicacies, which have brought many interesting experiences for guests to enjoy. About 300 typical dishes and drinks are prepared and performed by culinary experts, talented and experienced chefs from member units under Saigontourist Group system from all over the country. Therefore, the festival is also considered as a short-term culinary tour when guests do not need to go, far but can still fully enjoy the culinary flavors of all three regions.

Moreover, guests coming to the festival also have the opportunity to live in a space filled with festive atmosphere imbued with the folklore of the three regions. Resonating with the culinary space are three clusters imitating "real scenes" of traditional craft villages, folk games and performances of traditional art forms. Art performances and cultural exchanges are changed every day, keeping the festival's performance space fresh throughout the duration of the event.

Information about the award has been posted on the official website of the World Culinary Awards at:

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