Overview Saigontourist

Become one brand
top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia,
empowering images of Vietnam.
Development trend of integration, sustainability and efficiency associated with the business value
local culture, community benefits.
Maximize business performance. Bring customer experience through product lines, unique service chain,
difference, contains spiritual and cultural values ​​with international quality. Promote the image,
quintessence of Vietnamese tradition and identity.
Exploiting maximum synergy from the main areas of activity, contributing to the development of Vietnam's tourism to new heights.
Prestige brands of travel, hotels in Vietnam and the region. platform
longstanding culture imbued with national identity.
System products, diversified services,
standard, class. Traditional hospitality
and professionalism, responsibility, commitment to meet the diverse needs, high-level customer.
Influential and wide operating range, is a member of the organization
domestic tourism and prestige in the world.
Business activities in four areas
core: Hotels - resorts, Restaurants, Travel Services, Entertainment. At the same time, Saigontourist advantage in using the services related to investment and control of support services, to take advantage of specialization
for multifunctional activities, thereby improving
business performance and maximize competitiveness.


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